Hotel Delta

The hotel “Delta” is situated on one of the most beautiful coasts of the Black sea. It takes the visitors attention with its unique subtropical climate, recovery characteristics and positive results on lots of different diseases, suchas, coronal system, respiratory diseases, rheumatism and rheumatic symptoms, bones recovery, spinal and vertebral column diseases, chronical neurits and nervous.

Especially the magnetic sand has a good result cerebrical paralysis among children. As well as has a recovery effect on broken bones.

The hotel consists of 30 comfoctable rooms with balconis, toilets and balconies for each, permaner hot and cold water. The hall is – 100 square wetre.

Also there is a swimrung pool for adults and small one for kids.

The Parking lot. The yard is 1200 square metres with greenery.

The visitors will be served with delicious meals, that can satisfy the demand of any age.

The hotel offers two types of Food service: 3 meals a day or ordering by our varied menu.

The Pricesare low! For the permanent customers we hare special prises. Please, visit our hotel, use our service and you will be really satisfied.