The small town of Ozurgeti municipality. Located on the Black Sea coast, at an altitude of 4 m. North and south, it is bordered by the confluence of the rivers Sepa and Supsa, and to the east is surrounded by mountains tsvermaghalas. Town status was granted in 1953. The population of 1.4 thousand (2005).In Ureki there is a railway station on the Samtredia-Makhinjauri railway line. At the mouth of Supsa river, bronze objects found at various times. Stream of the differences: BC. Sec. XVIII, XVII centuries. (D. Qoridze and so on. Ramishvili), BC. Sec. XV, XIV centuries. (H. Mikeladze). Bronze periodization important treasures of Colchis, the origin and evolution of typological. In 1942, the coastal dunes transfer into the bund found treasures for the Late Classical period, which contained III century gold and silver Roman coins.

There is a saying, what scientists agree that Ureki means impenetrable forested place where hunters had difficulty hunting. Ureki is the climatic resort. In 2003, the foundation was laid here for recreation and entertainment complex - City of Hope. The climate is subtropical. Distinguished by the magnetic properties with sand. A heart-vessel diseases, peripheral organs and locomotor organs.

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